DevOps Bakery | Baking your needs into Technology

Baking your needs into technology

With years of experience around traditional, hybrid and cloud technologies we offer consulting around these technologies and practices to help organizations build, grow and operate at scale.

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About Us

We're Experienced

Bringing a unique perspective to consulting with our experience to help deliver excellence to any organization or project.

We're Strategic

Providing innovative solutions to strategically align goals with actionable deliverables to help produce quality results.

We're Grounded

Realistic in attempting to leverage an open-source or cost-effective solution to empower any organization.


We’re more than Consultants.

Offering over 15 years of experience in Infrastructure around Linux environments and working with Software Developers, Technology Vendors and Service Providers to deliver in-demand systems and services around customer needs.

Our consulting services help organizations integrate their development and operations teams through the adoption of technologies to streamline and automate their workflows.

Site Reliability Engineering

Building out software and systems to engage overall stability, availability, latency, performance, and capacity. All to bridge the gap between software development and operations safely.

Data Center & Cloud Engineering

Diverse experience around bare metal to popular cloud providers including hybrid solutions allows us to engage on numerous platforms with various perspectives to provide the best solution to organizations.

Baking Solutions and Delivering Experiences

We don't want to be just another contract, we want to engage your culture and build success around your products. We want to help champion ideas that can help solidfy engineering practices and operate lean environments.

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Our Services

Global Services

Design and optimize distributed system to deliver seamless user experience.

Remote Workflows

Take advantage of remote talent with workflows that support these teams.

Startup & Enterprise

Scalable solutions around strong practices to solidify operations

High Performance

HPC and Scalable systems, automation and maintenance so developers are free to work.


Capacity & Strategic planning, around the business and technical demands.


Networking, Edge, and CDN solution design to support user experience and high availability.

Our Skills

We have a bakers variety to choose from

With a variety of skills we make sure the availablity of the right set to work on a solution that we can present to deliver success.

  • 01-System Architecture

  • 02-DevOps Practices

  • 03-System Automation

  • 04-Network & Security

  • 05-Disaster Recovery


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